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We Buy Manuals

We buy all types of manuals

Do you have manuals lying around, that you haven't used in some time?

Have you sold the equipment?

Is there a local auction with manuals?

Do you know someone that has manuals in storage? Maybe from a retired dealer?

Let us know and turn them into cash

We buy all types/colors/brands/age..

We will take manuals on repair, operators, parts etc.

We accept literature, brochures, billheads, videos, CDs, binders and many other types of print and digital information

Please contact us

Provide us with a brief description of the items you have for sale

You can send us photos, part numbers etc if you wish

Please include your asking price.

Our Address:

Manuals LLC

PO Box 86

Lewisville PA 19351



What we need from you :

Please include your name, address, email, and phone number on all offers.

We ask that all manuals be readable, with no missing pages, mold or water damage.

No photocopies - Original publications only.

Oily fingerprints, torn covers, or similar are acceptable.

If we make a deal, we will send payment via your preferred method PayPal, or check.